Espresso Pods



These individual doses of ground coffee enable you to make espresso on demand. In the open air, ground coffee starts to lose its flavour after 2 hours.

In a pod, the freshly ground coffee is tamped and packed in a neutral atmosphere to retain all its aromas. A simple, clean and quick solution…




Florio - Intense & Flavorful

The perfect Italian-style espresso combining sweetness and force


Perle Noire - Rich & Harmonious

A round well-balanced blend of the finest high-grown Arabicas




Decaffeinated - Light & Aromatic

This decaffeinated blend retains all of its aroma and flavour, offering an enjoyable espresso at any moment of the day


Colombia Excelso - Sweet & Smooth

A high-grown Arabica cultivated in one of the most beautiful coffee-producing regions. A soft, sweet and flavourful cup




Ethiopian Moka - Wild & Flowery

Cultivated in the birthplace of coffee. Light-bodied and delicate with floral aromas and hints of apricot


Costa Rica Tarrazu - Lively & Complex

This high-grown Arabica is lively and elegant with a round and satisfying finish




Papua Plantation Sigri - Fruity & Well-balanced

A surprising combination of sweetness and full body, accentuated by a touch of acidity


Sumatra Mandheling - Distinct & Intense

A full-bodied coffee embellished with woody tones and an exceptionnally long finish




Guatemala Fair Trade - Greedy & Generous

This full-bodied fair trade coffee is cultivated in volcanic soil. A complex cup with a light acidity and hints of cocoa


Jamaican Blue Mountain - Ample & Opulent

Soft, sweet and aromatic flavours. A well-balanced, rare and exceptional coffee




Hazelnut Moka - Original & Tasty

A wild and spicy coffee, subtly flavoured with natural hazelnut aromas. The perfect combination of richness and satisfying flavour


Honduras Organic & Fairtrade - Refined & Fruity

A round and ample coffee with refined aromas. Bright acidity with fruity notes of mirabelle plum and raisins.



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