Ethical approach

A permanent ethical approach


Always aware of the ecological footprint that we leave on our planet, Cafés Richard studies the environmental impact of its actions, taking it into account in all the company’s investment decisions.

We took a voluntary approach back in 2006, by carrying out a carbon footprint assessment.

This bold act came on top of our policy of raising awareness among our employees, on a daily basis. The aim of the carbon footprint assessment was to calculate our greenhouse gas emissions. According to the given area, we included all measurable, available items: importing coffee, packaging, natural gas from the roasting process, delivery to customers...

This was a long job that mobilised all our energies and raised awareness of how far we still have to go to reduce this ecological footprint.

The results of the carbon balance led to an action plan to reduce CO2 emissions: reducing the amount of packing films used, recycling cartons, equipping delivery vehicles with “ecological tyres”...

Fair Trade

Today, we are the leader in fair trade coffee on the horeca market and fully intend to continue with our commitment. We are very aware of the need to respect people and the earth, and have been serving fair trade coffee for over 10 years, through the Max Havelaar label.

With a great range of fair trade products under the Lobodis brand, we help offer a decent life to small producers, contributing to the fight against illegal cultivation.

More and more establishments and communities are subscribing to these values by offering fair trade to their customers.


Let's talk organic

Our organic product range is booming, including coffees, teas, herbal teas and accompanying treats. This is a very popular approach as it meets the expectations of customers who are increasingly drawn to socially responsible products.

The Bio organic label is not just about having respect for the earth’s resources. It also extends to quality of life for the people who work the land, and consumer well-being.


Sustainable development

Coffee is grown and harvested in a sustainable way, respecting the people and the environment.

This label guarantees origin ans specific qualities of coffee.

This program prevents the tropical forests destruction due to intensive palm oil farming.


Not forgetting the labels that we require from our suppliers :

  • Imprim'Vert is a guarantee that all our documents are printed with concern for their environmental impact, using recycled paper or plant-based ink for example.
  • PEFC, a label guaranteeing that suppliers follow best practice in sustainable forest management