Our capsule range has mainly made for bars, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, events, offices, stores, communities. We offer 2 sorts of capsules to make sure we have a solution for each setup.


Coming from the best origins, Cafés Richard has created 5 blends in the purest tradition of espresso codes, from the most intense to the most velvety. The elegant and silent Ventura coffee machine allows subtle coffee notes to flourish fully, revealing a smooth cream. Each premium capsule contains over 6 g of coffee, giving each cup more aroma, intensity and body.


  • N°1 Espresso - A round and balanced blend from the best Arabica “crus”, with a hint of robusta, to provide an espresso with an ample and dense savour.
  • N°3 Intense Espresso - A subtle balance between finesse, force and plenitude. Contains high altitude produced coffees for an aromatic intensity. A hint of Robusta adds body and character.
  • N°6 Decaffeinated Espresso - This blend preserves all of its aroma and taste, offering the pleasure of an espresso without caffeine.
  • N°7 Vanilla Espresso - A balance between an exclusive blend of Arabica “crus” and an aromatic vanilla note with subtle and sweet flavours.
  • N°8 Velvety Espresso - An exclusive blend of the finest Arabica origins for a well-balanced espresso with medium body and a light sweet acidity.


Exclusive system. Capsules without aluminum. 24 capsules box


Cafés Richard offers a professional multi-beverage solution that gives a hot drink range to vary tastes, according to the moment in a single capsule machine. From creamy espresso to teas in leaf or tasty hot chocolates, multi drink machines have a sleek design and guarantee an optimal extraction to get the best aromas and on top of that, it’s ideal for small spaces.


  • Coffee - intense Espresso, Soft espresso, Long espresso, organic & fairtrade expresso, decaffeinated expresso
  • Tea Leaves - Breakfast tea, Earl Grey Tea, Mint Green Tea
  • Chocolate drink - Bianca milk-based capsule, supplemented with a dose of Van Houten cocoa-milk flavour and a hazelnut-flavoured cappuccino dose

     40 capsules box


coffee range: from softness to intensity

To give our consumers choice according to their favourite coffee type, our coffee experts have blended & roasted eachof our coffees.

Expresso Intense

Powerful attack and roasted-caramelized notes characterize this complex and well-built blend. Its creamy texture, enhanced by intense aromas, is ideal for a tight espresso.

Expresso Soft

Very balanced, with a fine acidity and a good body, its pleasing roundness gives it a good length in the mouth

Expresso Long

This aromatic coffee with a perfect balance and good persistence in the mouth will be appreciated by coffee lovers.

Expresso Decafeinated

All the pleasure of a real espresso without caffeine, with a balanced flavor very rich in aromas.

Expresso Organic & Fairtrade

Coming from organic farming and fair trade, the best Arabica have been carefully selected.

A selection of 3 leaves teas

To ensure a diffusion of delicate and fragrant flavors, Café Richard has exclusively selected leaf tea.

Breakfast Tea

The subtle alliance of three iconic teas, Ceylon, Assam and Darjeeling, for a powerful and round flavor.

Earl Grey Tea

The aromas of bergamot flourish on the basis of black tea. Elegant and fragrant, ideal for a gourmet break.

Mint Green Tea

Associated with a green tea in the respect of the traditional recipe, the mint brings its refreshing note and its digestive virtues. Tasty and fresh, to enjoy nature or sweet.

cocoa aromas for hot drink lovers


To find the pleasure of a creamy chocolate drink, we trust Van Houten brand, a great cocoa brand. A preparation in a bag that is used with the milk based Bianca capsule.