“A bath refreshes the body, a cup of tea refreshes the mind” – Japanese proverb

A tea menu should contain a range of flavours to satisfy people who simply love tea, as well as the most refined connoisseurs. While breakfast is still the most popular time to enjoy tea, we know that the tea ritual has extended to all times of day. Of course, we could not do without the aroma of the great classics (Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Ceylon…), but we also propose original teas with gourmet or unique notes (Au temps des Tsarines, Jardin des Merveilles…), delicious blends of tea and fruit.

Black teas, green teas, plain or flavoured, rooibos… we offer flavours to suit every palate in our 2 collections: Comptoirs Richard (exclusive range) and Parney's (classic range).

To learn more and make your tea menu more attractive, why not take one of our Universi Thé courses.