The products of the Cafés Richard range are totally dedicated to horeca professionals.
As project managers in the coffee trade, with real expertise in selecting green coffees and the roasting process, we are also a channel for our subsidiaries’ expertise: Comptoirs Richard for putting together collections of teas, herbal teas and a selection of treats; Lobodis for our fair trade products. In both cases, we offer exclusive products to professionals.

We also work with major companies, in the case of drinking chocolate for example, in order to offer a complete hot drinks service.

As pioneers, we pay close attention to consumer behaviour and have launched concepts such as “Le café s'emporte" (takeaway coffee), which were innovative for their time. Today, we work to promote products such as coffee cocktails, which are still a little confidential but which we believe in.

When they choose a coffee by Richard, our customers are not just buying a “simple coffee”.  They know they are benefiting from a commitment to service and a whole product range associated with their coffee. This enables them to convey an image of quality.

Cafés Richard product range:



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