Herbal teas

More than just plants


"Like plants, most men have hidden properties that are discovered by chance"
(François de la Rochefoucauld)

From organic traditional flavours to gourmet recipes, herbal teas are more than just plants. While their benefits have been recognised for centuries, nowadays they are also enjoyed for their fine, fresh and floral aromas. These delicate infusions, pure and gleaming in varying shades of amber, are already a pleasure for the eyes...


Comptoirs Richard herbal teas are designed for professionals and come in transparent silk-like bags that reveal the plants in all their freshness.

Rediscover the classic herbal teas collection, which uses only organic plants and has been carefully selected for its aromatic qualities: organic peppermint, organic mint verbena, organic camomile...

With our exclusive recipe herbal teas, you can be sure of offering brand new flavours with evocative names such as Secrets d'Équilibre or Rêves Enfantins on your menu...


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