Coffee Culture

Tales and Legends

Worthy of a puzzling and philosophical Oriental tale, the history of coffee is obviously a subject on which historians are divided, although they unanimously confirm that it all started in Abyssinia, the kingdom of the Queen of Sheba. It is said that the first coffee-lovers ever recorded were...goats!  (…)

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France in the history of coffee

France was the starting point for many voyages that launched the coffee trade and helped develop coffee cultivation around the world. A less well-known fact is that several discoveries were also made in France, connected with the treatment processes and the machines that today enable us to extract its best aromas. (…)

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Cultivation and Botany

Quality coffee in your cup… It’s a long journey where every stage counts: the soil, the harvesting of the ripe beans, the transformation of the berry, supervised at the plantation, and finally the roasting process, following the rules of best practice. (…)

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