The Comptoirs Richard, a subsidiary of Cafés Richard, are the reflection of a history and a passion that have stood the test of time. Dedicated to coffee, tea, chocolate and herbal tea, the Comptoirs Richard also offer the “essentials” needed to prepare and enjoy these drinks.


8 retail outlets
You’ll find the 8 shops in Paris at the heart of the city’s lively shopping districts.
They have an old-fashioned café/grocery feel and you can find everything there :
  • a wide range of loose coffees, freshly roasted in the Cafés Richard workshops, and ground on demand to suit your coffee-maker,
  • a selection of teas for all times of the day, carefully stored to keep them fresh,
  • chocolate to enjoy without moderation, for drinking or eating,
  • a selection of accessories to serve and prepare wonderful hot drinks,
  • spices to blend in for an infinite variety of flavours in your cup.                                                                                           
Gourmet accompaniments, treats, jam, honey and exclusive recipes complete this gustative journey into the exotic world of coffee and tea, for which the Comptoirs Richard provide a fitting showcase with high standards of quality.
A trading site
You can buy a wide range of Comptoirs Richard products online. Sign up to the regular newsletter to keep up-to-date with all the news from the Comptoirs and discover new products first.
Delivery only in France.
Business gifts
The Comptoirs Richard offer businesses a wide selection of exceptional gifts that will delight lovers of coffee, tea and treats…
We offer gourmet surprises big and small, with something for every event: loyalty-building and incentives, sales activities, welcome gifts or corporate gifts, gourmet mailshots…
Browse the catalogue to see our selections: surprise boxes, gourmet box sets, à la carte discoveries featuring pure origin and grand cru coffees, natural, organic or fair trade hampers...
Comptoirs Richard: the exclusive distributor of Cafés Richard
Thanks to their daily contact with their customers in the shops, the Comptoirs Richard have built up solid experience, and are always on the lookout for new trends and changes in consumer behaviour.

Our network offers professionals a collection of teas and herbal teas, and a range of treats. You can rest assured they will reflect the tastes of your customers, who demand high standards and expect to find quality and variety in the establishments they visit.


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